1 000 000 metres on the ergometer!

On the 5th of March 2010 finally I crossed the million metre mark on my Concept2 rowing machine! Reaching this mark I got a certificate and t-shirt from concept2.nl.

About two months earlier I started rowing three times a week following the exercise scheme in the weight loss booklet from the concept2.co.uk site. Before I rowed one or  two times a week fo 20 minutes. Following the new scheme things became more serious and extra metres passed rapidly sitting on my ass and going backwards.

Following a training scheme made rowing more fun as progression is really noticeable. 500m times diminished from 2:20 to 2:07 with even a lower heart rate. Unfortunately weight loss is harly visible on the scale. Maybe I’ll have to let go a bit of my Burgundian life pattern…

Licht 88 gold medal Martini Regatta

Rowing always was one of my favourite sports which I started back in 1988 in the first years light eight at Triton student boating club in Utrecht NL. When making my strokes at the ergometer I still hear my old coaches yelling and the air bubbles under my boat.


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