Fedora wallpaper for Blackberry

About half a year ago I got a Blackberry from my boss. Where I gave back the HP iPad within a month years earlier, the BB really is my thing. IMO it is the ultimate connection tool with mail, sms, web, LinkedIn and Yammer right at hand. And oh, I nearly forgot — the BB is also useful using as a mobile phone ;-)

With that much use the default wallpapers rapidly became dull. First I replaced it with a great picture of one of the world best biketrial riders. I just scale down a nice picture to 480 x 360 and uploaded it to the device. Being a Fedora enthusiast I came up with a better idea: my own Fedora Wallpaper.

I combined the Fedora 12 GNOME wallpaper with the official Fedora brand logo, just with minor colour changes to make the whole thing look nice. The F12 wallpaper suited better because the wallpaper is rather clear, making a nice contrast to the otherwise dark Blackberry OS.

For me my new wallpaper is a hit. It makes my smile every time I take my ultra-mobile out of its cover. Others just wonder what the heck Fedora might be — time for some Linux and Fedora advocacy. Posted on the fedora forum within a week worldwide over 300 people viewed my post. I hope this small contribution to Fedora Advocacy spreads the wor(l)d!

If you like it please feel free to use the wallpaper and drop me a line with your reaction!

If you are curious about what Linux might offer you for your home computing you can also contact me.


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