UCI World Cup Biketrial Antwerp

On Sunday 1st of August I went to the biketrial world series with my son Joris. Antwerp is only an hour drive and besides this event a great city to be. Last June Joris tried my Monty Alp on the camp site and became an instant biketrial enthusiast. For his birthday he got an Onza Rip and is practising since. No doubt we went together…

The six trail zones were set out on the Grote Markt, central market square in the inner city. Great promotion for our sport and the city of Antwerp. When we arrived the 26″ just started. Differences between the competitors were amazing. Coustelier — gravity is something he doesn’t have to cope with — finished after two rounds with only one point!

Me and Joris are both 20″ riders so after some ice tea and a Konink our favourites took off. Again huge differences between the riders. Benito Ros from Spain had a wonderful easy style and passed the two times six zones with only three points. The number two and three — our national biketrial hero Rick Koekoek — took respectively 30 and 38 points. You’ll have to know that in biketrial the one with the lesser points wins…

It was amazing how close you could get to the zones. It was easy to get the whole picture standing on some rim of the city hall, or to be practically inside the zone having competitors nearly jump over you like Benito Ros on this picture.

Benito Ros (ES) jumping over our heads

After the match I spoke shortly with Kenny Belaey the top Belgian rider on 26″. It’s nice to see that these top riders still take some time to chat with someone enthusiastic to their sport.

For some great pictures you can search the web or just look here…

The Trial-Inside is one of my favourite biketrial photo sites…


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