My old website

Years ago I started a website dedicated to my motorcycling–travelling, safety, maintenance. For years I was very active maintaining, in later years I didn’t change a thing to it. Still the website in Dutch and English seems to be attractive to visitors. Almost every day one or two people browse around. I think this is amazing!

Over the years I received wonderful emails from all over the world. Not only to say thank you but also asking for help–on secret riding trails, spare parts for and aged Montesa or just and invitaion to pass by when I would visit Canada or Honkong. I’m sorry, I never got off this continent… Back in 1998 I even got a live visitor from the States and I still have good memories chatting, talking Beemer and eating Maryland spiced shrimps the next days!

Once in a while I think of deleting the site. The type of bike is hardly seen on the road anymore, I never converted Dutch guilders to euros and IMO obsolete stuff should be deleted from the net. But really deleting the site? No, I can’t do it. I can’t because there are still people out there that like to read my writings, maybe copy some of my tours in the Belgian Ardennes, France and Spain. The second reason is I started the site back in 1995 and still attracts people.

And I think it is fun to have built a website in the 36k6 modem era that still is on the first page of a search engine when you look for a BMW F650–sweet memory…

When you like please visit my site and see for yourself!


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