mugshotI’m Meine and this is my blog. Fourteen years ago — back in 1996 — I started a website dedicated to motorcycling and travelling. Since the beginning tens of thousands visited my website, from all over the world people shared their experiences and asked me for advice. Maintaining a large website in two languages however is time consuming and updating everything gets rather complicated. Besides I wanted to add other topics and thoughts.

This blog is a new starting point for me. A place where I want to share my enthusiasm not only on motorcycling but also on biketrial and my adventure loosing a bit of my complete noob status using Fedora Linux…

I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff here…

Then something about that Cabra, the Spanish word for goat. One of my pastimes is biketrial. This wonderful sport is about neglecting gravity climbing obstacles on a trial bike. It’s like being a goat — playful, stubborn and bouncing. 219 is the type of trialbike I ride, a Monty 219 Alp.


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